I saw it coming and I wasn’t proactive.  My computer is dead.


I didn’t back it up before I accidentally turned it off Sunday evening.  I had been leaving it on 24/7 until I backed it up and then by habit, I turned it off.  I realized it as soon as I clicked “shut down” and by then it was too late.  My only hope is that I can take it somewhere to have the hard drive copied so I don’t lose all my knitting patterns, downloads, documents, and most importantly, all my photos.

Until I get a new computer, I will be posting from my iPad.  And if you have tried to post with any type of tablet, you know how difficult that can be.

I’ll try to post at least once a week as I have  a few things I want to tell you.  Some yarny things.  Some more culture.  Some neither.


Needle and thread

What’s one thing worse than hemming a pair of pants?

nnedle and thread 1

Hemming the same pair a second time.

I bought a couple of pairs of pants a month or two ago and hemmed them.  The first pair was the perfect length when I was finished.  The second pair?  Not so much.

By an inch.

An inch too long meant that I stepped on the back hem.  Every.  Single.  Step.  Every. Single.  Time.

I’ve known about this for at least a month but I HAD to do something about it last night.  Procrastination is my middle name.  I’m headed to my aunt’s house after work today for a luncheon she, my sister, and I are going to tomorrow.

Plan A Outfit was a dress.  I love wearing dresses.  I dislike wearing pantyhose and with coolish weather and my brilliant-white legs, pantyhose is a necessity.

Plan B Outfit involved the above mentioned pants.

So out came the scissors, ironing board, needle and thread.  A two-and-a-half inch hem was a bit too much for a pair of pants.  But a three-and-a-half inch hem was more than I could deal with so I cut off an inch.  You know, in case I grew and needed to let the hem down.

Or made them too short.


Culture: Part 1


Our one granddaughter is taking dance and was recently in a ballet.

Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty.

Now a four-year-old isn’t actually doing ballet but if you know anything about dance, music, or theater, then you know even the newest/youngest will have a part in a production.  1) It shows parents,  grandparents, family, and friends that the child has accomplished something for all the time and effort it takes to go to the lessons.  2) It increases ticket sales.  Who could resist seeing their special little someone on stage?


Our special little someone played one of Cinderella’s coach mice at Sleeping Beauty’s wedding.

Surprisingly this was Mr. Aitch and my first ballet.  And we were very impressed with the quality of all the dancers.  Unfortunately the quality of my photos are not that impressive.  It was dark, no flashes were allowed and I was using my iPhone.



In the opening scene the King and Queen throw a huge christening ceremony for their new-born daughter, Princess Aurora, and invite seven fairies who honor the baby with gifts of virtues and special traits.  Unfortunately one fairy, Caraboose, was not invited and she was ticked.

Caraboose shows up at the christening and casts an evil spell on Princess Aurora, which is to prick her finger on a knitting needle on her sixteenth birthday and die.  I love her hat.  It was black and acid green.


The Lilac Fairy, who had not given her gift, could not reverse the spell, however she could alter it in that Princess Aurora would not die but sleep for 100 years and be awaken with a kiss from a prince.

Knitting is banned from the kingdom though some innocent knitters are unaware of the ban and knit (and I use that term loosely). Fortunately they are not put to death for their crime but given a reprieve by the Queen. The knitting ban is serious stuff!


There’s Caraboose hiding in the background!


Princess Aurora has a big Sweet Sixteenth party and Caraboose shows up to witness the death of the Princess.  A concealed Caraboose gifts Aurora with bouquet of lovely flowers with a sharp knitting needle hidden inside


A concealed Caraboose gifts Aurora with bouquet of lovely flowers with a sharp knitting needle hidden inside. Aurora pricks her finger on falls into a deep sleep.


Caraboose leaves the party thinking her evil spell worked.


The Lilac Fairy casts a spell over all the kingdom and they all fall asleep, too.


Later, I assume 100 years later, the Lilac Fairy meets Prince Désiré while he’s out hunting with his buddies.  She gets the prince alone, shows him a vision of Princess Aurora, and gets him up to speed with all the details.  The Prince is immediately head-over-heels in love with the princess.  He agrees to go to the castle and lift the evil spell with a smooch.


Once at the castle Caraboose emerges from the shadows and tries to deter the Prince from his appointed kiss but she is not successful.  Prince Désiré lays one on Princess Aurora and all awaken.  The King and Queen approve of Prince Désiré and he and Princess Aurora marry.


Several fairy tale characters attend the wedding including Little Bo Peep and her sheep, Alice in Wonderland and the hearts, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Red Riding Hood and the wolf, and Cinderella and the coach mice.





Our special little someone is the mouse on the far right.



And here she is after the performance with the flowers we brought.


Looking forward to our next cultural event!


A 55-gallon drum of worms

I’m going to open up a huge can of worms today.  Like a 55-gallon drum kind of huge.

I posted a while ago about my dinosaur of a computer and my dilemma of upgrading.

mac vs pc2

So, do you have experience with either of these two systems/products or both?  Which do you prefer and why?  Just leave a comment about your experience with the pros and cons.  And can a PC and Mac be networked together?

I will monitor the comments before they are posted so if yours doesn’t show up right away, you now know why.

March 17

Are you wearing green today?

My St. Patrick’s Day starts off with one of my favorite treats: Irish Soda Bread.  I’ve tried to make it myself but it just doesn’t come out quite right.  Plus I’m the only one who eats it in our house.

So I usually buy a loaf every time I see it in the market…which only happens in March.


One of these is at my house with a big wedge cut out of it.  Yum!

Greening up

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up (and hopefully Spring as well)  I thought I’d freshen up an old wreath for my front door.


I found this wreath at a yard sale in Ohio when I was visiting my BFF in 2000.  It was a nice big 24″ grapevine wreath but very sad-looking.   The colored baby’s breath, eucalyptus branches, dried statice, and faded red paper bow were original.  I added the yellow and dark red flowers and the leaves with blue berries.  It was my late-August/early September front door decoration.   I removed everything from the wreath and started over.


I was inspired by this lovely refreshingly green wreath at my local Joann Fabric store.  It was on sale for $24.99 but just didn’t have the heft I wanted.  I’ve discovered that with a red door that bigger and more contrast are better.

So I purchased some green and white fake dogwood, some green shiny stuff made from tiny Styrofoam balls, and a couple of bunches of a small white flower.  I cut some apart and stuck them in between the branches of the wreath util I was satisfied.

Then I hung it on the front door and took a picture if it.


First attempt.  Even though this photo is straight on, the wreath looks lopsided.  I didn’t notice it until I saw the photo.


Second attempt.  I moved some things around.  Better but still not quite there.


The finished wreath.  I love it.  And yes, I always add the USA flag to my front door.  Except at Christmas.

I think this looks fresh, green, springy, and ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

Are you ready for Spring?